Wow! Lisa and James - amazing and lovely
context · 10. March 2023
The Rosny Farm/Clarence crew really looked after me today - thank you! :D

My first Pride March
context · 12. February 2023
T'was a big day :D

2022 Floods
context · 02. March 2022
So this happened...

PDC @ Crystal Waters
context · 08. September 2021
A transformational 2 weeks at Crystal Waters. I've definitely taken the RED pill :D

It's been a journey
context · 03. July 2021
I am so excited to finally do a course on Permaculture in August at Crystal Waters! This is visual history of our time on this piece of land. When it feels like its all too much its good to remind ourselves how far we've come.

Missing Barbar: RIP 2008-2020
context · 21. December 2020
During his annual haircut, my lovely shearer Jeff told me to spoil him because he didn't have long to live.

context · 20. December 2014
After 8 years it finally happened - last night the scarecrow got a brain. :D