It's been a journey

I am so excited to finally do a course on Permaculture in August 2021 at Crystal Waters (the first Permaculture EcoVillage in the world) and learn directly from the elders/pioneers/original knowledge bearers! Below is a visual history of Chris and my efforts to live symbiotically with the land. When it feels like its all too much its good to remind ourselves how far we've come.


2005: Kelvin Grove (rental) backyard - wanting to live 'The Good Life' (1970, Helen and Scott Nearing)!

2006: On the property ladder! 100 acres at Fineflower, NSW - 5 hours from Brisbane, ie. living the dream 5 times a year. We endured flood and cattle continually destroy everything we did (neighbours cut our fences) I really really hate cattle people. But it was a bushfire and falling in love with a rescue sheep through the wire at the old Fairfield RSPCA that finally made me realise we had to live on our land to really live the dream.

2009: The journey begins! Living the dream everyday







2017 - the BIG one!




BEFORE: 2009 / NOW: 2021