Wow! Lisa and James - amazing and lovely

Lisa Reihana's work has always been a huge inspiration for me. When I heard that Te Wheke-a-Muturangi was coming to Hobart I couldn't believe my luck. I knew there would have to be some kind of ceremony for this taonga and part of me finding my voice is about wanting to sing a Karanga one day. Just to hear myself sing it. Just to know that it is in me.


Hugo really wanted to hear it too so he can help me. Unfortunately I didn't get to hear it because Lisa and her sisters had completed the ceremony at the Rosny International Women's Day breakfast a few days before - but Lisa and James were sooooooo lovely to me. Lots of hugs for this orphan Wāhine Māori.


One of the important quotes for me from the impressive film We Are Still Here (2022) is
- 'We sing so we don't forget who we are'


I am so grateful to be on this journey.


I had a great Kairos brainstorming meeting with Sarah at Rosny Farm today about my womb/projection installation. I'd told everyone in her team that I really wanted to hear Lisa sing if the install was successful. When Lisa and James arrived at the site, the Clarence crew called Sarah and I made a mad dash to hover awkwardly around the periphery until lovely James took pity on me and we had a great chat. The world is a better place because of warm, open-hearted people like Lisa, James and the team at Rosny.


We Are Still Here (2022 Beck Cole, Dena Curtis, Tracey Rigney, Danielle MacLean, Tim Worrall, Renae Maihi, Miki Magasiva, Mario Gaoa, Richard Curtis and Chantelle Burgoyne)