art · 11. March 2018
I am going to be working on a short film with Chris Denaro which we hope to have finished by 2020 (when I turn 50!) We developed the concept for the project in 2017 when our friend Robyn Wright was staying with us and have finally organised our lives so we can schedule time to get it done.

art · 12. January 2018
Exhibition title: “He kākano āhau” which translates to “I am a seed” It is from an ancient Māori proverb (whakataukī) that is well known throughout all Māori tribes in New Zealand. “E kore au e ngaro, he kākano i ruia mai i Rāngiatea” “I will never be lost, for I am a seed sown in Rangiātea” The concept of He Kākano is that of growth, development and expansion, the seed represents greatness. Even before the seed is planted it has the inherent potential to grow into an enormous tree.

art · 04. March 2017
Fantastic collection of artworks.

theory · 03. December 2016
Great conference - terrific to connect with other academics working in screen studies and also see the University where my father and other family and friends studied. Check out my presentation on 'Constructing nature: Trans-Tasman resonances and uncanny monstrosities'

art · 25. October 2016
Wow! I have always wanted to get on this list! In this eNewsletter which arrived in my inbox this morning Louise Bourgeois and the amazing Juz Kitson exhibitions are also listed - as well as many other amazing people and places like this image from the Whitney. Thank you Brenda May and Art.Base! :D Click link to see Brenda May's invite for Saturday's opening

art · 25. October 2016
Thank you Brenda and Meg for this listing in Art Collector :D Click here to check out this listing Click here to go to the FB event page

art · 27. September 2016
Very happy and excited to see that 'Bellmore: Roots' (2015) will be going on tour for the next 12 months with the 2016 Flying Arts QRAA exhibition. 'The Queensland Regional Art Awards (QRAA) is an annual visual arts prize and exhibition for established and emerging artists living in regional and remote Queensland. The program aims to provide a platform for further professional development.

art · 18. August 2016
Marvelous exhibition - well done Andy! Here are some pics from the show. Thank you CQUni Matt for your help making my install possible :D Here is a link to a post on the exhibit: Here is a link to the 2015 catalogue:

art · 17. August 2016
Its all starting to hot up - even though the exhibition is still a couple of months away. Meg is super organised! Its absolutely wonderful :D Here is the link to the FB event page:

art · 14. August 2016
What a wonderful experience this was. :D Jo from Cross Arts and Seb and Bradley from Alaska have been so fantastic to work with. Beth of course has been amazing organising everything for almost an entire year that this project has been going for. There have been so many twists and turns, but for me - participating in this project has really pushed me to some uncomfortable places - and me and my practice has really grown as a result. Thank you to everyone involved in this...

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