Let's Get Visible! #thefenloophobart

This has been sooo much fun!


I always have a giggle - even when I think - 'Let's Get Visible!' because I am imagining myself in Olivia's video clip and I have a little dance around in my imaginary rainbow leg warmers :D And yes - in my teens I DID wear leg warmers and leotards to aerobics classes where her song [Let's get] 'Physical' (1981) was played. She was always a great Ally to the Queer community.


The Hobart VoiceLab Queer crew and mates visited to show their support for these awesome daily screenings at The Loop (Elizabeth st next to CWA) AND show us how its done!


Our exhibition, 'The Yearning' can be experienced at the Moonah Arts Centre (MAC) from 8 June, so the VoiceLab came 'out' to demonstrate how to 'tune in' to these alternate worlds and actually picture ourselves within these virtual realities. Not only do I think its important that Queer and Ally people of all cultures, generations and ability be more visible in public spaces - I think we all need to project ourselves into a more conscious future relationship with Nature. The artworks at The Loop are a taste of what to expect at 'The Yearning' (June) and "Kairos' (July/August) exhibitions.


Many thanks to all the participants. Photos generously created and shared by Erna, Robin, Richard and me.


If you would like to join us on this awesome journey, please follow the steps below - happy travels! :D


Let's get Visible! in Hobart Public Spaces - Add your selfie:
Step #1: Check the program for Merri Randell's artworks at The Loop https://theloophobart.com.au/program
Step#2: Go to 157 Elizabeth st, 'tune in" and get your selfie in this alternate world. BTW this is the Queer crew behind 'The Yearning' Exhibition at MAC in June: https://issuu.com/moonahartscentre/docs/issuu_final_mac_may_june_july_2023
Step#3: #thefenloophobart, #thefenloop Post your selfies!