Kairos exhibition

This exhibition has been such a journey. As soon as I was notified in 2022 that I was in the Barn I met with Sarah to work out what was possible in this space. This was the first of many discussions with Sarah and other members of the Rosny team over 8 months - each yielding a new development in how the artworks were going to fit in the space. The most challenging pieces were the 4 metre tall 'Spiritual Aridity: She Faces North' projection and the 'Re-wombing' installation in the bottom end of the Barn. Thankfully because of this preparation Bob, Sarah and I completed the install in 3 days - with Bob doing most of the heavy lifting. He came up with the innovative suspended projector concept for 'Plantcenta' and constructed the housing for 'She Faces North' and 'The Invitation'. It has been such a joy to discuss this show and the theory behind the 'Tune-in' storytelling model with my local creative community. Check out the exhibition handout below for more information.