Kairos exhibition

This exhibition has been such a journey. As soon as I was notified in 2022 that I was in the Barn I met with Sarah to work out what was possible in this space. This was the first of many discussions with Sarah and other members of the Rosny team over 8 months - each yielding a new development in how the artworks were going to fit in the space. The most challenging pieces were the 4 metre tall 'Spiritual Aridity: She Faces North' projection and the 'Re-wombing' installation in the bottom end of the Barn. Thankfully because of this preparation Bob, Sarah and I completed the install in 3 days - with Bob doing most of the heavy lifting. He came up with the innovative suspended projector concept for 'Plantcenta'. It has been such a joy to discuss this show and the theory behind the 'Tune-in' storytelling model with my local creative community. Check out the exhibition handout below for more information.