Hartz Mountain

Such a strange but wonderful day. The Huon river and valley are truly stunning. I got to Geeveston on time to meet the group at the agreed spot but my app wasn't working at the start of the journey so rather than asking Google Maps to take me to Lake Esperance I had chosen the first option it offered me - 'Hartz Mountain Day Visitor centre' which ended up being a bogus google map location deep in logger Deliverance-like territory marked by bits of violated burnt car carcasses and black chemical fire pits within a labyrinth of deserted rocky roads rimmed with tall uniform tree plantations and crushed Cascade Draught cans. Everything looked hauntingly the same and I am disappointed that I didn't have the courage to stop the car to take photos along this traumatized journey. When the destination kept getting further away I decided to turn back and managed to find my way out of the maze and eventually came across a logging truck whose driver directed me to Glen Huon on the other side of the mountain. I had missed my group walk but I was delighted to be back on the A6. On my way to Glen Huon I stopped by this gorgeous river and got to use one of these angler fence ladders. Once I got back to Hartz Mountain, I stopped at Waratah lookout which had an awe quality - not so great for people with a fear of heights.


'Lake Esperance is a beautiful glacier formed tarn on the in the alpine heathland of the Hartz Mountain.' TasTrails.com


Lesson for next wilderness adventure: Don't use Google Maps buy a printed map.