'Touching the Mauri' (Randell 2018) at Logan Art Gallery 19 October - 24 November 2018

'Touching the Mauri' (Randell 2018) is a multi-projection immersive AV installation created for the 'He kākano āhau' (I am a seed) exhibition at the Logan Art Gallery.

Eight local Māori artists, Cheremene Castle, Jackie Hawkins, Tania Heta, Leona Morete, Mihimai Nikora, Teraimana Tahiata, Allen Vili and I have created contemporary artworks in response to the title theme 'He kākano āhau' (I am a seed).
The journey of 'Touching the Mauri' travels from Peru to Hawaii, to New Zealand and back to Australia, blending magical landscape creation story myths from a childhood in a rural Anglo Māori Australian Mormon household to fold time on itself.