Sacred Sonics workshop at Logan Art Gallery with Whaia Whaea 10am Saturday 20 October 2018

Please join me and Māori Sonic Weaver Whaia Whaea for our 'Sacred Sonics workshop' which will be an amazing healing and educational experience at Logan Art Gallery on Saturday 20 October at 10am. RSVP and further information is available from the website and facebook URLs below. You will feel wonderful afterwards and your voice may become part of the next iteration of my artwork 'Touching the Mauri' (2018) which is a multi-projection immersive AV installation.
This workshop is part of the 'He kākano āhau' (I am a seed) exhibition at Logan Art Gallery. I and 7 other local Māori artists, Cheremene Castle, Jackie Hawkins, Tania Heta, Leona Morete, Mihimai Nikora, Teraimana Tahiata and Allen Vili have created contemporary artworks in response to the title theme. 

The journey of 'Touching the Mauri' travels from Peru to Hawaii, to New Zealand and back to Australia, blending magical landscape creation story myths from a childhood in a rural Anglo Māori Australian Mormon household to fold time on itself. The invite to this exhibition is below.