Death, Dying and Undead conference

What a great day! Here are some highlights from my scattered mind.


I feel like I have really progressed my research to another level. Colonials see the landscape as a crimescene and murderer - however the real story is the struggle for life.


I didn't get to ask Lorna Piatti-Farnell, the keynote speaker a question about how vampires feel about pain. It would be interesting in relation to what does alive mean? and how energy, life and pain are related when being consumed/transfered from one entity to another.


Murderboards: I am so grateful to have a name for this. I am using this term for my big piece for Logan Bushcare exhibit. 


Liminal spaces are also threshold spaces and domains of the other.


Gothic landscape time and spaces: dawn and sunset, dark roads, shadowy spaces, leads to regeneration. Ghosts are consequences.


Presence and Absence or Presence of Absence. Blaming is not denial or acceptance. Cancer victims playing pokies during kemo - the gamble of life and chemicals. Pain is the worst part of dying. Pain is the only thing she fears.


The ruin of the void.


1788 letters at State Lib NSW, written by Arthur Philips complaining about mistreatment of natives and trees.


I can't believe I met someone who has done an on-line interactive non-linear storytelling project on my home turf Kaniva! Keen to catch up with you again Janet Marles. :D


The CQU Noosa campus has some amazing classrooms - I hope we have this style in Brisbane as they would be absolutely perfect for video production teams.Fingers crossed. :D