Whooooohoooo!!!! I'm in the Clayton Utz art award exhibition!!!

Wow - I think I'm a bit too excited to write about this at the moment :D


Here is a list of everyone I'll be in the room with:
Finalists for 2014
Alma Sarac - Summer Day
Amy Carkeek - Nature's Golden Godness
Anita West - Smokey Ash
Anna Jacobson - He Ate Up The Sky
Anne Marie-Zanetti - Mahjong Tiles 1
Beth Mitchell - Vesuvius
Bronwyn Hill - Warm Thoughts
Bronwyn Searle - The Butterfly Effect
Chris Bennie - Sex, Art and the Dow Jones
Damien O'Mara - River Suit 5
Erik Williamson - Level 1

Fran Staley - Swallow and The Hollow
Frances Cull - Lucy's Garden
Ian de Raat - Nine Roses
J Valenzuela Didi - On a Method Toward Earthly Reawakening
John Brigden - 'Silence' (Noosa Rainforest)
John Harrison - Green
Julie Cane - Heart of the Matter
Julie Rees - Expression of Desire
Kasia Lynch - Mediumistic
Kate Bray - Divergence
Kunchana D De Silva - Caution: Watch Your Step
Kylie Elkington - Neo-Romantic; National Park
Lars Vester - Street Light
Leah Thiessen - Fertile
Li Baoying - Bowen Mangoes
Mari Hirata - Blue Heat (Wallpaper Series)
Marjorie May - Family Room at Wyaralong
Melanie Playle - Untitled (x)
Merri Randell - The Fen: Pan14
Miles Allen - Ned Kelly Recaptured
Nameer Davis - Metadata
Rachael Archibald - Past Dense
Rachael Bartram - At That Moment
Rachael Windress - Dynamism
Rehgan De Mather - Bangers & Mash
Roger Lane - Bianca
Ros Paton - Lamina
Sarah Oxenham - Narrow Reeded

Scott McDougall - Teatro Capitolio - Havana
Simon McLean - Doodle (The Devil's in the Detail)
Steffen Tuck - Waiting in the Midst
Tony Hunter - Under the Dome


Very excited to catch up with Ian de Raat again - haven't seen him since I left Mojo in 2010.


This is the artwork which will be in the show: