BEAF 2014! what an amazing night!

BEAF 2014 at the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts was massive!


So many people, so many things happening all at once - it was incredible. My stuff on the big screen was amazing and the sound was a threshold experience! Before last night I had never heard my artworks on a professional sound system and now I can never go back.


Highlights included sharing the stage with ex-h-blocker Lucille Jaaniste (amazing live experience), meet Toby to discuss future collaborations with or without dolphins, see work by Zoe Porter, bump into Pat Hoffie and Jo DiBall, the CIP crew Andi and Blair, and old mates Vlad and Leelee. The Valley is the perfect hub for an event like this. I hope for many more to come. Thank you to the Judy and everyone who worked on making this event great - Rachael Parsons - you are a legend! :D


Some video and pics below of the night :D

PS Just click on the 'HD' if you want better resolution.