Whoohoo!!! UQ Residency!!! 28 September – 3 October 2014

This is going to be awesome!

I am going to target native and exotic animals decomposing on the rainforest floor (Australian sous bois).

The scientists like forest floor invertebrates (animal species that do not possess a spine) ie. insects, worms, clams, crabs, octopuses, snails, and starfish. I hope to discover consumptive motion to mimic for this series of artworks.

Apparently there is also going to be bird recording! This is what I was hoping to do for the St Vincent’s residency. I have read that humans have evolved to feel safe when they hear birds singing. I hope to discover more about this relationship.

Residency Two: Rainforest Ecology Field Studies 2014
Week 1: 28 September – 3 October 2014
Bunya Mountains National Park, Queensland
Artist: Merri Randell
Academic Coordinator: Dr Margaret Mayfield

This is a six-day field trip to Bunya Mountains National Park in South East Queensland. The AIR will be part of a study group looking at rainforest vegetation, the habitats, behaviour and ecology of rainforest animals, particularly vertebrates and forest floor invertebrates. This immersion in the terrain of the rainforest offers the AIR an exceptional opportunity to engage with the subtle dynamics of the ecosystem.


best birthday ever :D