The Fen: PoP Gallery 27 Feb - 15 March 2014



I can't believe I am saying this after all the stress - and although I am very relieved - I am sad its all over.


It was so wonderful to finally 'out' all of my artworks to the world and let them have a run around. I really don't want to lock them away again.


Great to see you today Ali and Liam - thanks for coming and talking it all over with me Very much appreciated - and I appreciate those who visited last weekend as well.


Thank you Pat Hoffie, Rachel Parsons and Julie Ewington for giving me your time and waving your magical affirmations at me. Thank you to everyone who came and gave me encouragement - especially those noisy ones last Friday night that either flew in from other states or regaled me with hugs and support - you are all wonderful and I am eternally grateful for all your kind words. I grok you. 


Thanks must also go to my hardworking ball and chain, who has been my rock throughout. Denaro 4 eva! XO