DIY livery for the revolution.

Apologies for the size 8 mannequin. I hope to get a more realistic BBW one soon.


These images show designs which draw on the super thin strength, softness and sophistication of kangaroo leather - a nose to tail approach to the consequences of government regulated culls. These hides have been veg tanned at a local Queensland tannery (one of the few left in Australia) and use chemicals and processes that are completely safe for your skin and the environment.


Goat, cow and sheep veg tanned leather also available. Vegan options under development.


Many thanks go to DrD for pioneering this system.

Welcome to leather Meccano*
with rings!

Create your own unique harness design specifically for your body shape and psycho-play/archetype/fantasy character. I describe this concept as a fluid all body DIY modular harness system or the 'FAB'. The FAB harness system is based on combining different lengths of leather strips with rings to create your own custom harness design. This system has compatible add-ons such as bra cups, strap-ons, shoulder amour, holsters, utility belts etc.


A few years ago I went shopping for a sexy leather bra and found that none were made for my BBW size - and - they just weren't that sexy. I was also concerned about the origin of the leather and was horrified to discover leather's dirty secret of unregulated toxic third world chemical tanning process that pollute the environment and your skin. These products were also often expensive and I didn't like the buckles because I often got an unexpected and sometimes painful prong from my buckle - which added up to a bit of a mood killer.


I'm a creative person so I  wanted more for my investment.


Also when I attended events I would often see other people wearing exactly the same leather items as me. This lack of diversity has increased since COVID because supply chains have been challenged.


The FAB harness system is a completely Australian product, because the leather is sourced and processed in Queensland, and the metal studs and rings are manufactured in Melbourne. When you buy a FAB harness system you don't have to worry about whether your delivery from China will arrive or agonise about the ethics or environmental impact of the product. Instead you can feel great every time you wear it because you look FABulous AND you are personally supporting a range of small Australian businesses and jobs. 


My goal for this product is to empower people of all sizes and sexual identities. Through this democratic DIY psycho-play fashion revolution I want to fuel your unique personal creative sexual expression and evolution.


Feed your demons,
chase your Shadow!

Different occasions require different SKINS. This is the beauty of the 2 in 1, reversible approach of the leather strips in the FAB harness system. Each piece of leather has a 'Barefoot' suede side and a 'Shiny' dressed side, so you can decide whether you want to dress for a more civilised occasion or go primal.

  • SKIN types and potential scenarios:
    • 'Shiny' dressed side:
      • cruel dictator, queen, king, dom etc
    • 'Barefoot' suede side:
      • warrior, rough rider, the beast etc

Different occasions also require different strength studs. In these images the 'Feline' stud is used with 15mm wide leather strips. 'Husky' and 'Heavy Duty' studs are also available but require wider leather strips:

  • Choice of THREE stud strengths:
    • 'Feline' stud = 15mm wide leather strips
    • 'Husky' studs = 20mm wide leather strips
    • 'Heavy Duty' studs = 25mm wide leather strips

Thicker leather strips are also useful for thigh garters and holsters for gunslingers.


A couple of red leather strips can add great emphasis points to any standard black FAB harness. Leather strips are available in a range of tones and colours which include:

  • black, white
  • natural brown shades: honeys to dark
  • reds, greens, blues, purple etc.

studs + rings

My skin prefers nickel-free stainless steel. Therefore the silver studs and rings in the black and white photos above, are safe for me and the rings come in two sizes - 25mm and 30mm.


There is also a 30mm bronze ring with matching bronze studs. You will need to test these to make sure this metal is friendly for your skin. 


Of course you can also buy your own rings and 'bling up' your harness to create a completely unique look.

DIY vs fitting

Patterns of the designs you see above can be provided along with a FAB starter kit so you can DIY. However, until I complete my 'How To' Videos I recommend a fitting so you can get a demonstration of how to use the FAB harness system.


Email merri.randell@gmail.com for a fitting, to get more info about options or to order your own FAB starter kit - prices start at as little as $100.


Watch this space. In the future I plan to develop other products to compliment the FAB harness system such as;

- masks

- le Général cap

- collars and restraints

- stirrups

- swings and hammocks

- requests welcome :D

cowhide collar + bra experiments

*Meccano has no involvement in this product - this word has been used to describe a genre of DIY toys.