theory · 26. October 2019
We did it! Watch the full live-stream presentation here.

theory · 16. October 2019
Almost there! Our presentation will be available online at 4pm Friday 25 October (Netherlands time) or Midnight Saturday 26 October (Brisbane time).

theory · 03. December 2016
Great conference - terrific to connect with other academics working in screen studies and also see the University where my father and other family and friends studied. Check out my presentation on 'Constructing nature: Trans-Tasman resonances and uncanny monstrosities'

theory · 25. November 2015
What an awesome event, what a great panel we had - so many amazing ideas shared by all! Thank you Donna, Leila, Kathryn, Ian, Rob and Chris. :D

theory · 12. September 2015
What a great day! Here are some highlights from my scattered mind. I feel like I have really progressed my research to another level. Colonials see the landscape as a crimescene and murderer - however the real story is the struggle for life. I didn't get to ask Lorna Piatti-Farnell, the keynote speaker a question about how vampires feel about pain. It would be interesting in relation to what does alive mean?

theory · 17. August 2015
Very excited to be presenting at this event at the Gold Coast City Gallery!

theory · 08. August 2015
I just finished the FAA Exhibition Development Course with the fabulous Simone Oriti. It was great and I think I am finally on the road to conquering my fear of exhibiting. I also got to meet all of the other awesome participants. I hope we all keep in touch :D

theory · 27. March 2015
Wonderful to meet the truley lovely Jan Manton at the FAA artist consultations today to discuss my work. She gives me hope to carry on in the face of so many rejections. She liked The Furnace, 2013.

theory · 20. December 2014
After 8 years it finally happened - last night the scarecrow got a brain. :D

theory · 11. December 2014
We had such a great time at the conference. The UTas folk were wonderful hosts. Thank you Sue, Karen, Marisa and Malcom. :D

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